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RentMoola Appoints Ian Stewart, Wyse Meter Solutions Co-CEO, To The Board

VANCOUVER, CANADA — AUGUST 21, 2018 — RentMoola Payment Solutions Inc. (RentMoola) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ian D. Stewart, Co-CEO of Wyse Meter Solutions, to RentMoola's Board of Directors. Wyse Meter Solutions is Canada's leading expert in utility information, metering and expense management. Wyse was recently ranked as one of Canada's 16 fastest growing companies by Profit 500. Prior to Wyse Meter Solutions, Mr. Stewart co-founded Stratacon Inc. and has delivered energy management projects to over 250,000 multi-residential suites across Canada. In 2008, Mr. Stewart led a team of investment bankers from Genuity and Solaris in the sale of Stratacon Inc.

Mr. Stewart is a respected multi-residential industry leader. He has presented White Papers to the Ministry of Housing and Social Services, Ministry of Energy, and the Ontario Energy Board on Smart Submetering Policy. He is a member of the Smart Submetering Working Group, AMRA (Automated Meter Reading Association), ACMO (Association of Condominium Management of Ontario) and the FRPO (The Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario).

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